LINUX Applications and Administration

"Linux has proved to be a free, secure, stable and relatively virus-proof operating system over the years. But the high costs of learning, effort and time involved in system configuration are deterrents to busy professionals struggling to deliver on-the-spot solutions while keeping pace with rapid technological changes. To reduce such limitations and increase its deployment in an organization, Linux Applications and Administration adopts a non-traditional approach to building fully functional, secure and user-friendly Linux systems by using Graphical User Interface (GUIs). The book details the basic tools and commands of Linux, major servers and applications available on Red Hat-based distributions--Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Fedora, PCQuest Linux, CentOS, etc.--and system security measures. Written in a readable style, packed with plenty of illustrations and simplifying advanced concepts and technologies, this book serves as a companion guide for Linux administrators, professionals and beginners, seeking to implement robust, ready-to-implement and fast-track applications on Linux platform. As a supplement to this book, detailed additional material explaining complex intricacies of the Linux systems is available at 0070656754. "

Author: Mr. Ashok Kumar Harnal

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