Linux Application Development (2nd Edition)

"The first edition of this book has always been kept within arm's reach of my desk due to the wonderful explanations of all areas of the Linux userspace API. This second edition greatly overshadows the first one, and will replace it." --Greg Kroah-Hartman, Linux kernel programmer Develop Software that Leverages the Full Power of Today's Linux Linux Application Development, Second Edition, is the definitive reference for Linux programmers at all levels of experience, including C programmers moving from other operating systems. Building on their widely praised first edition, leading Linux programmers Michael Johnson and Erik Troan systematically present the key APIs and techniques you need to create robust, secure, efficient software or to port existing code to Linux. This book has been fully updated for the Linux 2.6 kernel, GNU C library version 2.3, the latest POSIX standards, and the Single Unix Specification, Issue 6. Its deep coverage of Linux-specific extensions and features helps you take advantage of the full power of contemporary Linux. Along the way, the authors share insights, tips, and tricks for developers working with any recent Linux distribution, and virtually any version of Unix. Topics include Developing in Linux: understanding the operating system, licensing, and documentation The development environment: compilers, linker and loader, and unique debugging tools System programming: process models, file handling, signal processing, directory operations, and job control Terminals, sockets, timers, virtual consoles, and the Linux console Development libraries: string matching, terminal handling, command-line parsing, authentication, and more Hundreds of downloadable code samples New to this edition The GNU C library (glibc), underlying standards, and test macros Writing secure Linux programs, system daemons, and utilities Significantly expanded coverage of memory debugging, including Valgrind and mpr Greatly improved coverage of regular expressions IPv6 networking coverage, including new system library interfaces for using IPv6 and IPv4 interchangeably Coverage of strace, ltrace, real-time signals, poll and epoll system calls, popt library improvements, Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM), qdbm, and much more Improved index and glossary, plus line-numbered code examples

Author: Michael K. Johnson

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