Learning Ubuntu 14.04 LTS: A Beginners Guide to Linux

Want to learn a new skill? Expand the technology that you work with? This is the 2nd Edition of Neil's book on Learning Ubuntu for version 14.04LTS. It is revised to cover multiple ways to get started, including two different VPS providers, installing the OS onto a computer, and configuration a virtual machine using Oracle's VirtualBox. This book covers the basics of understanding how to use Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, a stable and long term support version of Ubuntu. In this book we use Ubuntu 14.04 LTS to learn multiple fundamentals in using Linux and later will go through the process of creating a web server. 80% of websites are driven by Linux servers. Understanding the basics and expanding upon this will provide great career opportunities and a great skill as well. We start simple and the reader does not need any prior knowledge. We will make baby steps and slowly work ourselves up to configuring the Ubuntu Server to be a functional web server. There will still be much to learn, but within a few hours you can have your own Linux server setup, understand the basics, and also have WordPress loaded into it. We cover installing packages, creating files in nano, LAMP stack (Linux Apache MySQL PHP), and try to do so in a practical way so that you can finish this guide with something to show off.

Author: Mr Nathan James Neil

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