Learning Go programming

Key FeaturesInsightful coverage of Go programming syntax, constructs, and idioms to help you understand Go code effectivelyPush your Go skills, with topics such as, data types, channels, concurrency, object-oriented Go, testing, and network programmingEach chapter provides working code samples that are designed to help reader quickly understand respective topicBook DescriptionThe Go programming language has firmly established itself as a favorite for building complex and scalable system applications. Go offers a direct and practical approach to programming that let programmers write correct and predictable code using concurrency idioms and a full-featured standard library.This is a step-by-step, practical guide full of real world examples, to help you get started with Go, in no time at all. We start off by understanding the fundamentals of Go, followed by a detailed description of the Go data types, program structures and Maps. After this, you learn how to use Go concurrency idioms to avoid pitfalls and create programs that are exact in expected behavior. Next, you will be familiarised with the tools and libraries that are available in Go for writing and exercising tests, benchmarking, and code coverage. Finally, you will be able to utilise some of the most important features of GO such as, Network Programming and OS integration to build efficient applications. All the concepts are explained in a crisp and concise manner and by the end of this book, you would be able to create highly efficient programs that you can deploy over cloud.What you will learnInstall and configure the Go development environment to quickly get started with your first program.Use the basic elements of the language including source code structure, variables, constants, and control flow primitives to quickly get started with GoGain practical insight into the use of Go's type system including basic and composite types such as maps, slices, and structs.Use interface types and techniques such as embedding to create idiomatic object-oriented programs in Go.Develop effective functions that are encapsulated in well-organized package structures with support for error handling and panic recovery.Implement goroutine, channels, and other concurrency primitives to write highly-concurrent and safe Go codeWrite tested and benchmarked code using Go's built test toolsAccess OS resources by calling C libraries and interact with program environment at runtimeAbout the AuthorVladimir Vivien is a software engineer living in the United States. With past experiences that include programming in languages such as Java, JavaScript, and .Net, Vladimir has work in diverse industries including publishing, financial, and healthcare. After years of building enterprise systems using Java, Vladimir came to Go for its simplicity and stayed for the concurrency primitives fast runtime. Vladimir continues to use Go as his primary tool to build microservice architectures and create open source tooling for the community.

Author: Vladimir Vivien

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