Learn Docker – Fundamentals of Docker 18.x: Everything you need to know about containerizing your applications and running them in production

Enhance your software deployment workflow using containersKey FeaturesUnderstand basic to advanced concepts of DockerGet to grips with Docker containers, Docker images, orchestrators, and a variety of conceptsLearn a prominent containerization tool using a practical test-based approachBook DescriptionDocker containers have revolutionized the software supply chain in both small and large enterprises. With new technology rapidly penetrating the top 500 enterprises worldwide, companies that embraced containers and containerized their traditional mission-critical applications have reported savings of at least 50% in maintenance costs, while also reducing the time taken to deploy new versions of their applications by 90%. Furthermore, they even benefit from increased security thanks to the use of containers.Starting with an introduction to Docker fundamentals and setting up an environment to work with it, you’ll delve into concepts such as Docker containers, Docker images, and Docker Compose. As you advance, the book will help you explore deployment, orchestration, networking, and security. You’ll also get to grips with Docker functionalities on public clouds such as AWS.By the end of this book, you’ll have gained hands-on experience working with Docker containers and orchestrators such as SwarmKit and Kubernetes.What you will learnContainerize your traditional or microservice-based applicationsShare or ship your application as an immutable container imageBuild a Docker Swarm and a Kubernetes cluster in the cloudRun a highly distributed application using Docker Swarm or KubernetesUpdate or roll back a distributed application with zero downtimeSecure your applications with encapsulation, networks, and secretsFigure out the best option for deploying your containerized app to the cloudWho This Book Is ForIf you’re a system administrator, operations engineer, DevOps engineer, or developers interested in getting started with Docker, this book is for you. No prior experience with Docker containers is required.Table of ContentsWhat Are Containers and Why Should I Use Them?Setting up a Working EnvironmentWorking with ContainersCreating and Managing Container ImagesData Volumes and System ManagementDistributed Application ArchitectureSingle-Host NetworkingDocker ComposeOrchestratorsIntroduction to Docker SwarmZero Downtime Deployments and SecretsIntroduction to KubernetesDeploying, Updating, and Securing an Application with KubernetesRunning a Containerized App in the Cloud

Author: Gabriel N. Schenker

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