Learn Ansible – Fundamentals of Ansible 2.x: Leveraging the power of Ansible for automating cloud, security, network and other infrastructures at scale

Write and run Ansible playbooks, from the basics all the way to launching complex multi-tier applications hosted in public clouds.Key FeaturesBuild your learning curve from beginners to pro, using AnsibleAutomat Cloud, Network, Security and other infrastructures with easePractical test-based guide for gaining hands-on exposure on AnsibleBook DescriptionAnsible has grown from a small open source orchestration tool to a full-blown orchestration and configuration management tool owned by Red Hat. It’s powerful core modules cover a wide range of infrastructure, both on-prem and public clouds, operating systems, devices, and services meaning it can be used to manage pretty much your entire end-to-end environment. Trends and surveys say that Ansible has been the choice of tool among system administrators as it is easy-to-use.This book will initially start with installing and configuring Ansible and python environment to perform different automation task. Then we will deep dive different facets of infrastructure like a cloud, Network, VMware infrastructure, security and so on. This guide will act as an end to end guide building your learning curve from beginners to pro. This book will be backed by test questions after each chapter which will help the readers test their knowledge on Ansible.By the end of this book, you will gain end to end understanding of AnsibleWhat you will learnWrite your own playbooks to configure servers running both CentOS 7, Ubuntu 17.04 and Windows ServerDefined a high cloud infrastructure in code, making it easy to distribute your infrastructure configuration alongside your own codeDeployed and configured Ansible Tower and Ansible AWXUsed community contributed roles and learned how to contribute your own rolesWorked through several use cases of how you can use Ansible in your day-to-day role and projectsWho This Book Is ForThis book is perfect for system administrators and developers who want to learn how they can take their current workflows and transform them into repeatable playbooks using Ansible. No prior knowledge on Ansible is required.About the AuthorRuss McKendrick is an experienced solution architect who has been working in IT and related industries for the better part of 27 years. During his career, he has had varied responsibilities in many different sectors, ranging from looking after an entire IT infrastructure to providing first-line, second-line, and senior support in both client-facing and internal teams for small and large organizations.Russ works almost exclusively with Linux, using open source systems and tools across both dedicated hardware and virtual machines hosted in public and private clouds at Node4 Limited, where he heads up the Open Source Solutions team.In his spare time, he has written five books on containers: “Monitoring Docker”, “Extending Docker”, “Docker Bootcamp”, the second edition of “Mastering Docker” and “Kubernetes for Serverless Applications”, which are all available now from Packt, as well as contributing to “Monitoring & Management With Docker & Containers”, which was published by The New Stack.

Author: Russ McKendrick

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