Kali Linux Wireless Penetration Testing: Beginner’s Guide: Learn to penetrate Wi-Fi and wireless networks to secure your system from vulnerabilities

Key FeaturesLearn wireless penetration testing with Kali Linux, the latest iteration of BacktrackDetect hidden wireless networks and discover their namesExplore advanced Wi-Fi hacking techniques including rogue access point hosting and probe sniffingDevelop your encryption cracking skills and gain an insight into the methods used by attackers and the underlying technologies that facilitate these attacksBook Description As wireless networks become ubiquitous in our lives, wireless penetration testing has become a key skill in the repertoire of the professional penetration tester. The Kali Linux security distribution comes with a myriad of tools used for networking attacks and detecting security loopholes.Kali Linux Wireless Penetration Testing Beginner's Guide presents wireless pentesting from the ground up, introducing all elements of penetration testing with each new technology. Learn various wireless testing methodologies by example, from the basics of wireless routing and encryption through to detailed coverage of hacking methods and attacks such as the Hirte and Caffe Latte.What you will learnCreate a wireless lab for your experimentsSniff out wireless packets and hidden networksCapture and crack WPA-2 keysDiscover hidden SSIDsExplore the ins and outs of wireless technologiesSniff probe requests and track users through SSID historyAttack radius authentication systemsSniff wireless traffic and collect interesting dataDecrypt encrypted traffic with stolen keysAbout the AuthorsVivek Ramachandran has been working in Wireless Security since 2003. He discovered the Caffe Latte attack and also broke WEP Cloaking, a WEP protection schema, publicly in 2007 at DEF CON. In 2011, he was the first to demonstrate how malware could use Wi-Fi to create backdoors, worms, and even botnets. Earlier, he was one of the programmers of the 802.1x protocol and Port Security in Cisco's 6500 Catalyst series of switches and was also one of the winners of the Microsoft Security Shootout contest held in India among a reported 65,000 participants. He is best known in the hacker community as the founder of SecurityTube.net, where he routinely posts videos on Wi-Fi Security and exploitation techniques.Cameron Buchanan is an experienced penetration tester, having worked in a huge range of industries. He is also the author of Packt's Kali Linux CTF Blueprints.Table of ContentsWireless Lab SetupWLAN and its Inherent InsecuritiesBypassing WLAN AuthenticationWLAN Encryption FlawsAttacks on the WLAN InfrastructureAttacking the ClientAdvanced WLAN AttacksAttacking WPA-Enterprise and RadiusWLAN Penetration Testing MethodologyWPS and Probes

Author: Vivek Ramachandran

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