Kali Linux Pentesting Cookbook

Key FeaturesPractical recipes to conduct effective penetration testing using the powerful Kali LinuxLeverage tools like Metasploit, wireshark, nmap and many more to detect vulnerabilities with easeConfidently perform networking and application attacks using task oriented recipes.Book DescriptionWith the current rate of hacking, it is very important to pentest your environment in order to ensure advance level security. This book will be packed with practical recipes that will quickly get you started with Kali Linux (version 2016.2) as per your requirements and move on to core functionalities.This book will start with the installation and configuration of Kali Linux to perform your tests. You will learn how to plan attack strategies and perform web application exploitation using Burp, XSSer, Jboss-autopwn, and so on. You will also learn how to perform network exploitation using Hamster, Sparta and Wireshark. Next, you will perform wireless and password attacks by using tools such as Patator, John the Ripper and cew. Moving on you will cover malware analysis and Forensis along with hardware hacking. Lastly you will learn how to create an optimum quality pentest report!By the end of this book, you will learn how to conduct advanced penetration testing in the form of crisp and task oriented recipes.What you will learnInstall and setup Kali Linux on multiple platformsCustomize Kali Linux to your individual needsExploit vulnerabilities you've found with MetasploitCarry out web application and network exploitationPerform wireless and password attacksDecode messages from the RadioLearn how to write your pentest reportAbout the AuthorHimanshu Sharma is one of them. Aged just 23, Himanshu—popularly known as Ha¢ker, has already achieved fame for finding security loopholes and vulnerabilities in Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Adobe, Uber, AT&T, Avira, and many more with Hall of Fame listings as proofs. He has gained worldwide recognition through his hacking skills and contribution to the hacking community.He has helped celebrities such as Harbhajan Singh in recovering their hacked accounts and also assisted an international singer to track down a hacked account and recover it. He was a speaker at International conference Botconf'13 held in Nantes, France. He also spoke at IEEE Conference in California and Malaysia and TedX. Currently he is the Co-founder of Bugsbounty, a crowd sourced security platform for ethical hackers and companies interested in cyber services.

Author: Himanshu Sharma

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