Introducing ZFS on Linux: Understand the Basics of Storage with ZFS

Learn the basics of do-it-yourself ZFS storage on Linux. This book delivers explanations of key features and provides best practices for planning, creating and sharing your storage. ZFS as a file system simplifies many aspects of the storage administrator's day-to-day job and solves a lot of problems that administrators face, but it can be confusing. Introducing ZFS on Linux addresses some of these issues and shows you how to resolve them.  This book explains the technical side of ZFS, through planning the hardware list to planning the physical and logical layout of the storage. What You'll Learn Understand the gains ZFS gives system and storage administrators and utilize its features Install and configure ZFS software Create and maintain ZFS pool Administer ZFS storage, including sharing Who This Book is For This book is ideal for those who already have experience working with Linux systems but want to understand the bare basics of ZFS before moving further.

Author: Damian Wojslaw

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