Internetworking with TCP/IP Vol. III, Client-Server Programming and Applications–BSD Socket Version (2nd Edition)

This is a revised version of this volume. Changes in this edition include: Code has been updated to use ANSI C and the UNIX operating systems (POSIX). Covers SLIP connections (a popular program that allows TCP/IP access to the Internet over dial-up phone systems. Latest changes in Network File System protocol (NFS3). This edition focuses on the BSD version of UNIX. This volume answers the question “How does one use TCP/IP?” — focusing on the client-server paradigm, and examining algorithms for both the client and server components of a distributed program. Describes the AT&T TLI interface and uses it in all examples. The principles underlying distributed programs and all server designs are emphasized. Thoroughly covers the many ways to design interactive and concurrent client and server software, as well as their proper use and application. Concepts apply to Client-Server programs in general; not just TCP/IP. Any communications professional who wants to put TCP/IP to use. This is everyone working on Internet communications.

Author: Douglas E. Comer

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