Installing Linux: It’s Easier than You Think! Come! Let me show you the way!

Read this book for FREE on Kindle Unlimited - Download Now!Create your own inexpensive Linux Box and try Linux for yourself!This book is written specifically for users just like you, wanting to try Linux, who are intrigued by Linux, disgusted by Windows, but may have been burned before when trying to actually install Linux.Apprehensive? Nervous? On the Fence? All understandable reactions. Linux is your big unknown. If you install Linux on your favorite computer, and you don’t like it, how do you recover?What Separates This Book From The Rest? What separates this book from the rest is: You are always in control. You will quickly and painlessly create your own Linux Box by upgrading a stand-alone, inexpensive computer and it’s hard drive and add a wireless network card. Then you will install Linux Mint 18.1. If Linux doesn’t do what you want, your main computer is still intact. If you fall in love with Linux, then you can convert your main computer at your leisure. Either way, You are always in control. You will accomplish all this Magicwithout having to laboriously learn the Linux language or become a Computer Tech/Guru. In fact, you’ll find that Linux is completely transparent to your daily use: Internet browser, Spreadsheets, Word Processor, Presentations materials, and more.Linux is not Windows: the Linux apps function slightly differently than Windows apps. As with everything else that is new and different, there is a minor learning curve, but, I assure you, nothing earth-shaking.You, and you alone, are able to determine your Linux destiny.You are always in control!

Author: Jason Jenkins

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