IBM Powerha Systemmirror for Aix 7.1.3: Best Practices and Migration Guide

This IBM® Redbooks® publication positions high availability solutions for IBM Power SystemsTM with IBM PowerHA® SystemMirror® Standard and Enterprise Editions (hardware, software, best practices, reference architectures, migration, and tools) with a well-defined and documented deployment model within an IBM Power Systems environment allowing customers a planned foundation for a dynamic high available infrastructure for their enterprise applications. This Redbooks publication documents topics to leverage the strengths of IBM PowerHA SystemMirror Standard and Enterprise Editions 7.1.3 for IBM Power Systems to solve customers' application high availability challenges, and maximize systems' availability, and management. This Redbooks publication focuses on providing the readers with technical information and references on the capabilities of each edition, functionalities, usability, and features that make IBM PowerHA SystemMirror a premier solution for high availability and disaster recovery for IBM Power Systems servers. This Redbooks publication helps strengthen the position of the IBM PowerHA SystemMirror solution with a well-defined and documented best practices, usability, functionality, migration and deployment model within an IBM POWER® system virtualized environment allowing customers a planned foundation for business resilient infrastructure solutions. This Redbooks publication is targeted toward technical professionals (consultants, technical support staff, IT Architects, and IT Specialists) responsible for providing high availability solutions and support with the IBM PowerHA SystemMirror on IBM POWER.

Author: IBM Redbooks

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