IBM Powerha Systemmirror 7.1 for Aix

IBM® PowerHATM SystemMirror 7.1 for AIX® is a major product announcement for IBM in the high availability space for IBM Power SystemsTM Servers. This release now has a deeper integration between the IBM high availability solution and IBM AIX. It features integration with the IBM Systems Director, SAP Smart Assist and cache support, the IBM System Storage® DS8000® Global Mirror support, and support for Hitachi Storage.This IBM Redbooks® publication contains information about the IBM PowerHA SystemMirror 7.1 release for AIX. This release includes fundamental changes, in particular departures from how the product has been managed in the past, which has necessitated this Redbooks publication.This Redbooks publication highlights the latest features of PowerHA SystemMirror 7.1 and explains how to plan for, install, and configure PowerHA with the Cluster Aware AIX component. It also introduces you to PowerHA SystemMirror Smart Assist for DB2®. This book guides you through migration scenarios and demonstrates how to monitor, test, and troubleshoot PowerHA 7.1. In addition, it shows how to use IBM Systems Director for PowerHA 7.1 and how to install the IBM Systems Director Server and PowerHA SystemMirror plug-in. Plus, it explains how to perform disaster recovery using IBM DS8700 Global Mirror and Hitachi TrueCopy and Universal Replicator.This publication targets all technical professionals (consultants, IT architects, support staff, and IT specialists) who are responsible for delivering and implementing high availability solutions for their enterprise.

Author: IBM Redbooks

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