IBM AIX Enterprise Edition System Administration Guide (International Technical Support Organization)

This IBM® Redbooks® publication provides AIX® Systems Administrators a broad understanding of the new features and products that make up the AIX Enterprise Edition offering. It will help you design or create a solution to maximize efficiencies and help organizations get the most from their Power SystemsTM platform. AIX Enterprise Edition includes all the features of AIX with additional management software that is designed to complement the features of AIX V6.1. AIX Enterprise Edition is designed to improve the manageability of a virtualized AIX environment. Potential benefits include: - Improved service availability through access to relevant, real-time information about IT resources - Enhanced operational efficiency though the visualization of the relationships of IT resources and applications - Improved operational efficiency by centralizing monitoring and automating the response to service issues - Better utilization of IT resources through consolidated views of virtualized resource usage - Improved service availability through Live Application Mobility - Simplified ordering of AIX and essential service management tools at an attractive price

Author: Shane Brandon

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