How to Setup a Raspberry Pi Web Server: Web Sites, Home Automation, Security Cameras and Email

Introducing a new book from the author of “How to Setup a Linux Web Server” and “How to Control Stepper Motors”. Michael Wright brings you an easy-to-understand guide for creating a web server with the Raspberry Pi! Whether you are creating a web site, building a science project for school, creating security cameras or automating your home, this book shows you everything you need to know to get the Raspberry Pi wired and programmed for your projects. A support website provides free downloads of scripts and software from this book. Learn How to: Format a MicroSD card with the Raspbian operating system; Make a web page server; Create a domain name; Use free dynamic DNS; Create MySQL Databases; Interface PHP web pages with MySQL; Setup home automation; Control relays; Control servos; Live-stream USB webcams; Use the Picamera; Defend against hackers; Write HTML from scratch; Write PHP pages; Use Python to control relays; Backup and restore your website and databases; Send secure emails via command line and PHP

Author: Michael Wright

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