How To Be A Maker beginners guide to making cool products using arduino raspberry pi

IntroductionWhat this is about and what you gain from itThis ebook is part of an initiative called DIY Hacking which hasbeen instigated in the hope of inspiring young minds with technology development. Itaims at imparting pragmatic knowledge through various hands on projects and tutorials. Itprovides tutorials in the realm of the latest technologies, for example: one of the projectspublished in it – Smart Cap, a DIY Google Glass clone, was even featured on Techcrunch.Technology prototyping has become so facile and swift today that terms like “Rapid Prototyping”is used instead for it. New and powerful open source development platforms like“Arduino” and “Raspberry Pi” make it easy for even school children to work on roboticsand other fascinating technologies. These technologies have become an inevitable step togaining profound knowledge about microcontrollers and microprocessors and hence shouldeven be made a part of the current academic curriculum.There are prolific number of communities and forums surrounding these platforms whichallow for quick and easy troubleshooting. Furthermore, beginner tutorials in YouTube arealso very helpful in gaining a better perspective about it. Today, with the advent of 3D printers,now you can even create a custom casing for your project or print your own PCB.This ebook will act like a beginner’s guide for you to start prototyping using tools like theArduino and Raspberry Pi. Moreover, this ebook has been designed in such a way to promoteself-learning and ingenuity. So, have fun with this ebook and good luck on being aMaker!

Author: Arviend Sanjeev

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