Hands-On Serverless Computing: Build, run and orchestrate serverless applications using AWS Lambda, Microsoft Azure Functions, and Google Cloud Functions

Deploy functions efficiently using different cloud-based serverless offeringsKey FeaturesUnderstand the concept of Function-as-a-ServiceImplement Serverless solutions using AWS Lambda, Azure Functions and Google Cloud FunctionsPractical approach towards choosing the best tool for your serverless environmentBook DescriptionServerless applications and architectures are gaining momentum and are increasingly being used by companies of all sizes. Serverless software takes care of many problems that developers face when running systems and servers, such as fault tolerance, centralized logging, horizontal scalability, and deployments.You will learn how to harness serverless technology to rapidly reduce production time and minimize your costs, while still having the freedom to customize your code, without hindering functionality. Upon finishing the book, you will have the knowledge and resources to build your own serverless application hosted in AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform, and will have experienced the benefits of event-driven technology for yourself.This hands-on guide dives into the basis of serverless architectures and how to build them using Node.js as a programming language, Visual Studio Code for code editing, and Postman for quickly and securely developing applications without the hassle of configuring and maintaining infrastructure on three public cloud platforms.What you will learnUnderstand the benefts of serverless computing and know when to use itDevelop serverless applications on AWS, Azure, and Google CloudGet to grips with Function as a Service (FaaS)Apply triggers to serverless functionsBuild event-driven apps using serverless frameworksUse the Node.js programming language to build serverless appsUse code editors, such as Visual Studio Code, as development environmentsMaster the best development practices for creating scalable and practical solutionsWho this book is forThis book is targeted towards developers, system administrators or any stakeholder working in the Serverless environment and want to understand how functions work.Basic idea of serverless architecture can be an added advantageTable of ContentsWhat is Serverless Computing?Development environment, Tools, and SDKsGetting started with AWS LambdaTriggers and events for AWS LambdaYour first Serverless application on AWSServerless Orchestration on AWSGetting started with Azure FunctionsTriggers and Bindings for Azure FunctionsYour first Serverless application on AzureGetting started with Google Cloud FunctionsTriggers and events for Google Cloud FunctionsYour first Serverless application on Google CloudReference Architecture for a Web AppReference Architecture for a Real-time File Processing

Author: Kuldeep Chowhan

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