Hands-on: OpenVPN: Installing and configuring an OpenVPN server and gateway, and setting up OpenVPN clients on Linux and Android (Private and Secure Computing)

This book guides you through the full installation and configuration of an OpenVPN server and gateway on Linux, followed by the set-up of clients on Linux and Android. Working your way through the book, each section provides you with a fully functional set-up. That makes this book ideal for people with general Linux and networking skills, wanting to build an infrastructure facilitating private and secure computing for themselves or their users. Each section provides a quick introduction and overview of the software, followed by a task-driven manual to build a complete set-up. In addition to the instructions, screengrabs and configuration listings, we provide further options and variations, examples, tips and tricks, warnings, and security/privacy implications. Although familiarity with Linux and networking is required, this book contains everything that is needed to build a complete and operational set-up: configuring the private IP network, adding the domain name to BIND named, generating the PKI credentials, opening up the firewall, enabling IP forwarding, routing and masquerading, setting up DNS resolving, enabling the Linux daemons, using the Android Keychain credentials store, and configuring OpenVPN Connect.

Author: Adrian Offerman

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