Hands-On Linux Administration on Azure: Essential Linux Administration skills to deploy and manage Azure-based workloads

Learn essential Linux System Administration skills and efficiently run Linux-based workloads in AzureKey FeaturesEfficiently manage and deploy virtual machines in your Azure environmentsExplore various open-source tools to integrate automation and orchestration in your Cloud environmentA practical guide to help you leverage Linux features to create, run, and manage containersBook DescriptionAzure's market share has increased massively and enterprises are adopting it rapidly. Linux has been a widely used operating system and has proven to be one of the most popular workloads on Azure. It has become crucial for Linux administrations and Microsoft professionals to be well versed with the concepts of managing Linux workloads on Azure environment.The book starts by introducing you to the fundamentals of Linux and Azure, after which you will deep dive into advanced Linux features and see how they are managed in an Azure environment. Next, with the help of real-world scenarios, you will learn how to deploy virtual machines in Azure along with extending Azure VM capabilities and managing them efficiently. You will then understand continuous configuration automation and use Ansible and Powershell DSC for orchestration. This book will then help you understand containers and it's working along with managing containers and the various tasks you can perform with it. Lastly, this book will also cover some troubleshooting techniques of Linux on Azure, and you will also be able to monitor Linux in Azure using different Open Source tools. By the end of this book, you will be able to administer Linux on Azure and make the most of the important tools required to maintain deployment.What you will learnUnderstand why Azure is a good solution for your open-source based workloadsMaster essential Linux skills and learn to find your way in the Linux environmentDeploy Linux in an Azure environmentUse Configuration management to manage Linux in AzureManage containers in an Azure environmentEnhance Linux security and use the identity management systems available in AzureAutomate deployment with Azure Resource Manager and PowershellUse Ansible to manage Linux instances in an Azure cloud environmentWho This Book Is ForThis book is for Linux Administrators and Microsoft professionals that need to deploy and manage their workloads in Azure. Prior knowledge about Linux and Azure would be necessary.

Author: Frederik Vos

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