Hands-On Azure for Developers: Implementing rich Azure PaaS ecosystems using containers, serverless services and storage solutions

Learn best practices when working with Azure and understand, how to start developing scalable and easy to maintain cloud applicationsKey FeaturesGet up and running with development aspects of Azure cloud.Build fault-tolerant and scalable applications on Azure.Practical, developer-centric guide for Azure developers.Book DescriptionMicrosoft Azure is one of the fastest growing public cloud service providers in the market currently and also holds the second highest market share behind AWS. Azure has a good set of services which will help you build fault-tolerant and scalable cloud-based applications.This book will take you on a journey through multiple PaaS services available in Azure like App Services, Functions or Service Fabric and explain in details how to build a complete and reliable system with ease. You will learn how to maximize your skills for building cloud-based solutions by using leveraging different SQL/NoSQL databases, serverless and messaging components or even search engines like Azure Search. Additionally, this book will cover more advanced scenarios like scalability best practices, serving static content with Azure CDN or distributing load with Azure Traffic Manager.By the end of the book, you will be able to build modern applications on the Azure cloud using the most popular and promising technologies, which will help to make your solution reliable, stable and efficient.What you will learnImplement serverless components like Azure Functions and Logic Apps.Integrate applications with available storages and containers.Implement messaging components like Event Hub and Azure Storage Queue.Implement proper monitoring solutions like Application Insights.Learn to secure solutions using Azure B2C.Develop fast and scalable cloud application.Who This Book Is ForThis book is targeted towards anyone who wants to learn about Azure services which will help them build highly scalable cloud-based applications with ease. Prior knowledge of Azure services will be an added advantage.About the AuthorKamil MrzyglódHe is a skilled software developer and architect. He is focused on delivering fast, reliable and flexible cloud solutions based on Microsoft Azure platform. He has been speaking at multiple conferences and meetups, working on OSS (open source software) projects and driving workshops for different people and companies. In recent years he is interested in azure serverless architectures, data analysis, and Big Data components. Currently, he works at Demant Technology Centre in Warsaw. His current goal is to make the world of cloud computing as accessible as it can be so that it's possible to lower learning curve of this technology and help others start using it.

Author: Kamil Mrzyglód

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