Hacking University Senior Edition: Linux

Master the Linux operating system and hone the power of its command line today! If you've ever dabbled with Linux or ever wanted how you can start leveraging the command line system even if you have no programming experience, then this book will provide the basis and tools you need to become successful with Linux. Hacking University: Senior Edition is a beginner's guide to cover all the essential topics related to the Linux operating system. This is the fourth volume of the Hacking Freedom and Data Driven Book series. The following topics you will learn are: What is Linux History and benefits of Linux Ubuntu basics and installing Linux Managing software and hardware The command line terminal Useful applications Security protocols Scripting, I/O redirection, managing directories And a whole lot more! What makes this book different from other Linux books? No matter what skill level you have, Linux can be learned by everyone. The problem is there are so many other informational products out there that it's hard to sort and piece everything together. What makes this book unique to others is the fact that it is organized and set in a way to make sure you are provided with the most direct and informative topics to ensure the success you will have with Linux. Get your copy today!

Author: Isaac D. Cody

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