Hacking: Beginners Guide on How to Hack Using Python and Linux (Volume 2)

Start Hacking Using Python and Linux in Only 24 HoursAre you new to hacking? Are you looking for direction on where to start?Python is a powerful multi-purpose programming language. Within this book you will learn about the many ways in which you can use Python, the various practical applications you can develop using Python, and most importantly how you can hack computer systems and networks.In addition to hacking with Python, you will also gain an in depth understanding of Linux operating systems and why many hackers choose to work with this powerful open source platform. After reading this book, you will have the knowledge and resources to start hacking immediately. IT security is a booming industry and now is definitely the time to break into this field. Hacktivist groups like Anonymous are changing the world online every day. They have created a community online to help aspiring hackers like you understand the power behind hacking and how it can change the world. This will also be covered in the book as you learn more hacking, Linux and Python. In this book you'll learn:The truth behind the hackers mindsetHow to identify vulnerabilities without being detectedHow to exploit networks and systems How important Linux is to hacking and the hacker community How to properly use Python for hacking Buy this book NOW to start hacking using Python and Linux in Only 24 Hours!Pick up your copy today by clicking the BUY NOW button at the top of this page!

Author: Bruce Rogers Mr.

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