Gnuplot in Action

Summary Gnuplot in Action, Second Edition is a major revision of this popular and authoritative guide for developers, engineers, and scientists who want to learn and use gnuplot effectively. Fully updated for gnuplot version 5, the book includes four pages of color illustrations and four bonus appendixes available in the eBook. Purchase of the print book includes a free eBook in PDF, Kindle, and ePub formats from Manning Publications. About the Technology Gnuplot is an open-source graphics program that helps you analyze, interpret, and present numerical data. Available for Unix, Mac, and Windows, it is well-maintained, mature, and totally free.About the BookGnuplot in Action, Second Edition is a major revision of this authoritative guide for developers, engineers, and scientists. The book starts with a tutorial introduction, followed by a systematic overview of gnuplot's core features and full coverage of gnuplot's advanced capabilities. Experienced readers will appreciate the discussion of gnuplot 5's features, including new plot types, improved text and color handling, and support for interactive, web-based display formats. The book concludes with chapters on graphical effects and general techniques for understanding data with graphs. It includes four pages of color illustrations. 3D graphics, false-color plots, heatmaps, and multivariate visualizations are covered in chapter-length appendixes available in the eBook.What's InsideCreating different types of graphs in detailAnimations, scripting, batch operationsExtensive discussion of terminalsUpdated to cover gnuplot version 5About the ReaderNo prior experience with gnuplot is required. This book concentrates on practical applications of gnuplot relevant to users of all levels.About the AuthorPhilipp K. Janert, PhD, is a programmer and scientist. He is the author of several books on data analysis and applied math and has been a gnuplot power user and developer for over 20 years.Table of ContentsPART 1 GETTING STARTEDPrelude: understanding data with gnuplotTutorial: essential gnuplotThe heart of the matter: the plot commandPART 2 CREATING GRAPHSManaging data sets and filesPractical matters: strings, loops, and historyA catalog of stylesDecorations: labels, arrows, and explanationsAll about axesPART 3 MASTERING TECHNICALITIESColor, style, and appearanceTerminals and output formatsAutomation, scripting, and animationBeyond the defaults: workflow and stylesPART 4 UNDERSTANDING DATABasic techniques of graphical analysisTopics in graphical analysisCoda: understanding data with graphs

Author: Philipp K. Janert

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