FreeBSD Corporate Networker’s Guide (With CD-ROM)

FreeBSD runs many of the Web's most demanding applications. Yahoo! uses FreeBSD to deliver nearly 500 million page hits a day; even Microsoft's Hotmail has run for years on FreeBSD. Now, there's a single source of documentation for the thousands of technical professionals who've discovered FreeBSD and want to leverage its awesome power. The FreeBSD Corporate Networker's Guide covers everything IT professionals need to know to deploy and manage FreeBSD in applications from the desktop to high availability enterprise servers. Start with an overview of how FreeBSD compares with Windows NT, and the roles a FreeBSD server might play in an enterprise network. Next, review server planning, hardware selection, and infrastructure preparation; then walk through the steps involved in a successful FreeBSD installation. Master every aspect of FreeBSD Internet connectivity and services -- including TCP/IP, DNS, security, Apache, email, and more. Learn the fundamentals of FreeBSD system administration; use FreeBSD systems as firewalls and routers; configure Samba to support Windows workstations; deliver efficient print services, and more.The book concludes with a "manifesto" explaining why companies should consider migrating all their business-critical applications to FreeBSD, whatever they're using now. An accompanying CD-ROM contains FreeBSD 4.1, the latest version.

Author: Ted Mittelstaedt

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