Fedora Linux 26: Precise

This book is my third attempt of writing book. This book is for system administrators or Linux enthusiast. This book is written keeping in mind practical aspects of Fedora Linux. I will call this book as no non sense book. If you are plaining to deploy Fedora Linux or you are maintaining Fedora machine than this book is for you. All procedures written in the book are to the point with available screen shots and output samples This book leaves no stone unturned to cover all practical parts of Linux administration. If you are short of time and hates reading bulky books, then this book is for you it covers all articles from basics to advance level. This book examines Fedora Linux for server administrators. Main emphasis is on what a user would need to know to perform particular task. The focus here is on day to day challenges faced by administrators and users. The book covers topics like desktops, shell commands, and network tools. Administration topics are also covered including user management, software management, repositories, services, system monitoring, shell configuration, network connections, SELinux, firewalls and configuration of different servers like HTTP, FTP, NTP etc. This is book is excellent choice for preparing interview. I tried my level best to keep the text as precise as possible. If you are Red Hat, Centos, Oracle Linux or scientific Linux user than this book will also help you as lot of the procedure are same as Fedora Linux.

Author: Shiv Kumar Goyal

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