Embedded Linux Porting on ARM & RFID Implementation Using ARM SoC: Developing a flexible and agile Board Secure Package Linux with multiple applications

In this book, research work is done in the field of embedded systems as the need for portable and embedded system has increased dramatically in every field.ARM system-on-chip is the best platform for reducing the risk and the cost of SoC designs and thus accelerating the speed, accuracy, flexibility.Thus porting of the Linux Kernel is done on ARM platform by using the proposed algorithm based on PORTING THE LINUX KERNEL ON ARM9 PLATFORM & UPDATING THE BOOTLOADER. Various complex architectures and applications can be implemented easily using ARM. After porting part has been completed RFID based security system is being implemented using ARM system on chip. RFID security system is one of the challenging and emerging technology and ARM development board which gives it an extra edge by overcoming various security issues.With the use of open source technology and choosing embedded Linux as the development platform, the development cost has reduced tremendously.

Author: Divya Sharma

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