Developing with Docker

Key FeaturesCut through the noise and in simple terms learn to package your applications and test, ship, and scale your containersFind and build images and successfully run your programs within containersBuild, deploy, and test your Docker containers and put them to work in productionBook DescriptionThis fast-paced practical guide will get you up and running with Docker. Using Docker, you will be able to build, ship, and run many distributed applications in real time.You will start with quickly installing Docker and start working with images and containers.We will present different types of containers and their applications, and show you how to find and build images. You will learn how you can contribute to the image repository by publishing different images. This will familiarize you with the image building process and you will be able to successfully run your programs within containers.By finishing this book, you will be well equipped in deploying your applications using Docker and will have a clear understanding of concepts, techniques, and practical methods to get it running in production systems.What you will learnUnderstand Docker's architectureBuild, ship and run distributed applicationsDeploy, automate, and manage the execution of applications within DockerScale and virtualize images and containersUtilize the networking features that Docker offersUse repositories to store and retrieve images

Author: Jaroslaw Krochmalski

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