Database Application Programming with Linux

All the tools and techniques you'll need to get started on database programming with Linux Linux's popularity as an enterprise programming solution has skyrocketed recently thanks to support from major database software providers. With new software coming out each year, and constant improvements in existing software, programmers need to be able to develop database applications using Linux. Written by experts in the database and open source communities, this comprehensive, hands-on guide provides all the tools, techniques, and skills you'll need to start your way to becoming a Linux database expert. Bringing you quickly up to speed on real-world database development basics, the book begins with software design basics, including requirements gathering, database and user interface design, and Object-oriented design. You'll then discover in-depth discussions of database engines and APIs such as PostgreSQL, MiniSQL, Sybase, and Oracle, design tools and programming languages such as Java, Perl, and C. In addition, you'll learn more about application frameworks, components, and distributed components. And you'll find the most up-to-date coverage of Linux database applications to help make this an indispensable resource.

With this book, you'll gain a better understanding of the critical pieces of Linux project planning and development, including:
* Design and specification issues
* Database design and theory
* User interface design principles
* UML and Patterns for object-oriented analysis and designYou'll also learn about:
* Getting started with PostgreSQL, MySQL, Sybase, Oracle, and MiniSQL
* Implementation-level differences between various databases
* Database development
* Administration and modeling tools
* Programming with CORBA

The companion Web site at features:
* Example programs
* Reusable code

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Author: Brian Jepson

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