Consul Quickstart: An AdminTome Cantrip Series eBook

This ebook is a quick introduction to using Consul for service discovery, cluster management, and key value storage. It gives a great hands-on introduction to using Consul. Consul is quickly taking ground from other cluster management tools out there like ZooKeeper and ETCD. In a matter of an hour, you will be quickly on your way to using Consul to manage your clusters and you will have a solid foundation to start using Consul to manage your microservices. Inside you will learn: - What Consul is - How to install Consul in a development or production environment - Accessing Conul’s User Interface - Exposing Services to Consul - Consul Health Checks - Service Discovery - Using Consul’s internal DNS to discover services - Using Consul’s API to discover services - How to use Consul’s Key Value storage You get a complete walk-through for standing up a consul cluster on linux and exposing a MySQL service to Consul.

Author: Bill Ward

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