CentOS 7.3 Linux Server Guide

This book is a guide on how to use the CentOS 7.3 Linux server. After reading it, you will appreciate the power of this server and how much you can achieve with it. It begins by guiding you on how to install this server on your computer and do all the necessary configurations before beginning to use it. These steps have been discussed sequentially from downloading and burning the ISO image to a DVD to the time of login into the server after a successful installation. You will also learn how to create new users even with root privileges in the server. Memory is very important for any server, and especially when it comes to the distributed kind of memory. This book guides you on how to setup Memcached on your CentOS 7.3 Linux server. Nginx is an efficient web server which can be used to substitute the common Apache web server, and it will offer a nice performance. This book guides you on how to set this up in your CentOS 7.3 Linux server. You are also guided on how to setup MongoDB in your server, which is a NoSQL database. The LEMP stack provides us with MySQL, Nginx, and PHP, which are good tools for web development and maintenance. This book guides you on how to set up these in your server. For server side scripting, one can make use of Node.js. This book helps you learn how to set this up in your CentOS server. The following topics have been discussed in this book: - Installation - Installing Memcached - Installing Nginx - Setting up MongoDB - Lemp Setup - Setting up RabbitMQ - Node.js Setup

Author: Gregory Blake

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