C++ and Linux Operating System 2 Bundle Manuscript Essential Beginners Guide on Enriching Your C++ Programming Skills and Learn the Linux Operating System

This is a two audiobook book bundle related to C++ programming and learning the Linux Operating System. Two manuscripts for the price of one! What's included in this 2 book bundle manuscript: "C++: Learn C++ Like a Boss. A Beginners Guide in Coding Programming and Dominating C++. Novice to Expert Guide To Learn and Master C++ Fast""Hacking University Senior Edition: Linux. Optimal beginner's guide to precisely learn and conquer the Linux operating system. A complete step-by-step guide in how the Linux command line works" In C++ programming, you will learn the basics about: Compliers, syntax, class, objects, and variablesIdentifiers, trigraphs, data types, lines, and charactersBoolean and functionsArrays, loops, and conditionsVarious types of operatorsDecision statements, if else statementsConstants and literalsQuick follow up quizzes and answersGuided examples and much more! In Hacking University Senior Edition, you will learn: What is LinuxHistory and Benefits of LinuxUbuntu Basics and Installing LinuxManaging Software and HardwareThe Command Line TerminalUseful ApplicationsSecurity ProtocolsScripting, I/O Redirection, Managing DirectoriesAnd a WHOLE lot more!

Author: Isaac D. Cody

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