Linux Kernel Books

Linux programming environment: from the application to the kernel(Chinese Edition)

Language:Chinese.Paperback. Pub Date: 2016-06-01 Publisher: Machinery Industry Press UNIX Advanced Programming Environment (referred APUE) almost Linux programmers the necessary manpower in the field of a book. But after the grasp and understand the content APUE. how to continue to improve their skills. a better understanding of how the work of Linux programming environment and behind it? This book …

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The Linux Kernal Primer

The linux kernel primer is the definitive guide to linux kernel programming. The authors’ unique top-down approach makes kernel programming easier to understand by systematically tracing functionality from user space into the kernel and …

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Linux core design and implementation: English

1 Introduction to the Linux Kernel
History of Unix
Along Came Linus: Introduction to Linux
Overview of Operating Systems and Kernels
Linux Versus Classic Unix Kernels
Linux Kernel Versions
The Linux Kernel Development Community
Before We Begin
2 Getting Started with the Kernel
3 Process Management
4 Process Scheduling
5 System Calls
6 Kernel Data Structures
7 Interrupts and Interrupt Handlers
8 Bottom Halves and …

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The Linux Kernel Book

‘The book you hold in your hand will hopefully help you understand the Linux operating system kernel better. it really is a strange and wonderful world, full of subtle details ranging from how to control the physical hardware to how to manage multiple different users at the same time with limited resources.’ Linus Torvalds the Linux Kernel book …

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