Puppet Beginner’s Guide – Second Edition

Key FeaturesGet easy instructions that let you install and configure your Puppet environment in secondsDevelop skills to run Puppet on single multiple servers without hiccupsDeploy configuration files and templates at superfast speeds and manage user accounts and access controlBook DescriptionThis guide gets you up and running with Puppet straight away using real-world examples. It will take you from a complete beginner to a confident Puppet user.This book will help you to install and set up Puppet and discover the latest features in Puppet such as Hiera. It will teach you how to deal with centralized and decentralized deployments and automate your IT infrastructure.After reading this book, you will know how to manage every aspect of your server’s setup.What you will learnInstall and set up Puppet and discover the latest and most advanced featuresAutomate your IT infrastructureUse the latest features in Puppet 4+ and the official modulesManage clouds, containers, and orchestrationGet to know the best practices to make Puppet more reliable and increase its performanceAbout the AuthorJohn Arundel is a devops consultant, which means he helps people build world-class web operations teams and software, and has fun doing it. He was formerly a senior operations engineer at global telco Verizon, designing resilient, high-performance infrastructures for corporations such as Ford, McDonald's, and Bank of America. He now works independently, helping to bring enterprise-grade performance and reliability to clients with slightly smaller pockets, but very big ideas.He likes writing books, especially about Puppet (The Puppet Cookbook is available from the same publisher). It seems that at least some people enjoy reading them, or maybe they just like the pictures. He also provides training and coaching on Puppet and devops, which it turns out is far harder than simply doing the work himself.Off the clock, he is a medal-winning competitive rifle and pistol shooter, and a decidedly uncompetitive piano player. He lives in a small cottage in Cornwall and believes, like Cicero, that if you have a garden and a library, then you have everything you need.You can follow him on Twitter at @bitfield

Author: John Arundel

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