Beginning Puppet

Beginning Puppet teaches Linux, Unix and even Windows system admins like you how to learn, use and deploy the new Puppet 3.0 in your environment. Puppet is the fastest growing and most powerful configuration management system on the planet. This book will summarize what you need to know at a top level, then dive right into learn-by-example Puppet coding. We'll examine real world deployment scenarios and best practices, and get to use newer Puppet features such as Hiera and puppetdb. You'll learning about using Puppet with developer tools like Git and other external resources You'll see examples of Puppet usage for Linux, Unix, and even Windows You'll see real-world examples that you can put to work right away What you’ll learn* How to use Puppet to administer Linux, Unix, and Windows systems * What is and how to use the core Puppet language * How to integrate version control (git) into the configuration management workflow * How to utilize code from the Open Source community -- and how to give back! * An introduction to writing Puppet modules Who this book is for This book is for system administrators new to Puppet or to configuration management in general. It is expected that the reader has some experience with system administration.

Author: Spencer Krum

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