Apache HTTP Server introduction: Learn how to configure Apache Web Server in an easy and fun way

This book provides an introduction to Apache HTTP Server - a free, open-source web server. Apache is the most popular web server software on the Internet; it is estimated that 50% of all active websites use Apache as their web server. You will learn how to download and install Apache HTTP Server on your Windows and Linux system, how to configure Apache as a web server, a proxy server, and a reverse proxy server. You will also learn to set up SSL and password-protect directories on your web server. Later in the book we explain modules and how you can use them to add more features to your web server. The topics covered in this book are: downloading and installing Apache HTTP Server on Ubuntu and Windows understanding Apache configuration files using virtual hosts to hold multiple websites on a single server enabling SSL for secure connections what are modules and how to use them to expand Apache functionality configuring Apache as a forward or reverse proxy redirecting URLs Note that this book uses Ubuntu as an underlying Linux distribution, so some of the commands and configurations files might differ if you are using some other non-Debian based Linux distribution.

Author: Antun Peicevic

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