An Introduction to Linux Server Administration

This book explains how to use Linux, both as an end-user and as a system administrator. It explains all the common command line instructions one uses on Linux, as well as how Linux relates to other similar systems, such as BSD and Mac OS X, and what points it differs on. This book also covers how to set up Linux as a server and how to perform complex tasks like shell scripting, adding new drives, and setting up logical volume management (LVM). There is also a chapter on Internet which explains, in substantial detail, what Internet is, how it works, and how you can use Linux as an Internet server, specifically with Apache and Sendmail. This new edition, based on three previous books, incorporates a lot of information about how to set up email and web servers, as well as how to deploy security measures on your server, cope with attacks, and so on.

Author: John Ostrowick

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