Aix Rs/6000: System and Administration Guide (J. Ranade Workstation Series)

This text offers RS/6000 administrators and users step-by-step advice for managing their AIX environment. Each chapter offers detailed command descriptions, examples, diagrams and troubleshooting tips, and ends with an outline and keywork glossary. The book covers a range of information on how to use administration tools, boot up and shut down a system, add new devices, manoeuver through the file system, control processes, use E-mail services, configure X and boost security. The text explains how UNIX differs from IBM's AIX and shows how to migrate AIX into an open systems environment. It presents advice for managing complex distributed systems with coverage of workstation cluster topologies, network batch queueing, high-speed networks and network services. The volume also provides administration time-savers, including tips on system accounting, creating backups, system monitoring and tuning, problem analysis and recovery procedures.

Author: James W. Deroest

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