Adult Coloring Book: Disturbing People of Walmart Edition | Calm the F*ck Down

The perfect gag gift for friends and family! Are you ready to be disturbed? Our Disturbed People of Walmart Edition consists of 21 WACKY and insane illustrations based off real photos roaming around on the internet. It’s so wacky, this book comes with an additional 5 illustrations that you can print out for free.Some people may call these illustrations disturbing but I must say they are stunning and beautiful! The illustrations in this workbook are absolutely beautiful so you can take your color pencils and markers to bring these images to life with color. If you are not a fan of Adult Coloring Books, now is the time! Some users experience relaxation and stress-free moments while coloring. Some users experience bliss and some just spill into an uncontrollable laughter while they color. This adult coloring workbook will do it all! A great gift for your family, beloved significant other, friends and anyone you want to make laugh. Product dimensions: • Single-Sided illustrations 8.5” x 11” • Blank sheets in between to avoid bleed • 26 total amazing and funny illustrations Tags: #adult coloring books, #color, #Disturbed people of walmart *This book is not affiliated with Walmart. *This book is not affiliated with *This book is not intended for children.

Author: Samantha Spektor

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