Absolute FreeBSD, 3rd Edition

This updated edition of Michael W. Lucas' definitive volume on FreeBSD-based systems adds coverage of modern disks, the ZFS filesystem IPv6, redesigned jail and packaging systems, and virtualization, among dozens of new features added in the last 10 years.Absolute FreeBSD is your complete guide to FreeBSD, the powerful UNIX-like operating system that's supported modern servers, desktops, and platforms for years. In this completely revised third edition, FreeBSD committer Michael W. Lucas will teach you how to install, configure, and manage FreeBSD-based systems. You'll find added coverage of IPv6 and modern disks, redesigned jail and packaging systems, modern disks, and virtualization, and learn about two FreeBSD 11.x transformative features designed for cloud-based management, libxo and UCL.Absolute FreeBSD will show you how to:-Use advanced security features like packet filtering, virtual machines, and host-based intrusion detection-Build custom live FreeBSD CDs and bootable flash-Manage network services and filesystems-Use DNS and set up email, IMAP, web, and FTP services for both servers and clients-Monitor your system with performance-testing and troubleshooting tools-Run diskless systems-Manage schedulers, remap shared libraries, and optimize your system for your hardware and your workload-Build custom network appliances with embedded FreeBSD-Implement redundant disks, even without special hardware-Integrate FreeBSD-specific SNMP into your network management system.If you've been using FreeBSD for years or are looking to add it your repertoire, Absolute FreeBSD will show you how your systems work and how to make them work better.

Author: Michael W. Lucas

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